The ultimate leader in high-quality shellfish and crustaceans products…

The Lenger Seafoods Group is a Dutch-based family company engaged in the fishing, processing, sales and distribution of high-quality shellfish and crustaceans products in fresh, frozen and canned presentations, well acknowledged as one of the leading European shellfish companies.

Worldwide fishing

Lenger Seafoods Ireland Carlingford

Lynn Shellfish King's Lynn

Thameside Leigh-on-sea

Lenger Shellfish Swansea

Parsons Burry Port

Eurocontact Bolougne sur Mer

Lenger Seafoods Yerseke

Lenger Seafoods Harlingen

Lenger Seafoods Harlingen Port

Lenger Langoustines Harlingen

Lenger Seafoods Bulgaria

Lenger Seafoods Vietnam Nam Dinh City


Harlingen & The Waddensea

Lenger Seafoods Group has been farming and fishing in the best sources in the world since 1925, it all started in the Wadden Sea, near by Harlingen in the North of Holland. Since then, many new raw material sources have been added. Always carefully selected for quality, food safety and sustainable catch. 


The Present & the Future

“Just like my father, I grew up in this company and my passion for Shellfish & Crustaceans is in my DNA. We have always tried to specialize and further develop in our core business with main sales focus on the Southern European market where we are present with our range of products in many stores. We cherish the trust our customers have in us and it is up to the entire team and all our partners to maintain that trust. We achieve this by continuously providing maximum quality and service and by making our product range increasingly complete, in line with market demand.”

would you like to join the Lenger Seafoods group? 

Lenger Seafoods has an open job vacancy for Label Specialist / Business Office employee. We offer you independent, varied, fun and responsible work within a dynamic environment with an open and direct culture, where hard work is done in an informal and collegial atmosphere with short lines of communication. 

Our own Brands: Du Nord, Van Smirren, & Parsons Pickles, La Bigorne

The Lenger Seafoods Group has been farming and fishing in the best natural sources in the world for 40 years now. It all  started in Harlingen on the Wadden Sea. Since then, many new resources have been added, always carefully selected for quality, food safety and sustainable catch.